Arian Nover


Hi Arian, can you present yourself in a few words?
Arian Noveir, web designer and graphic designer by passion, geek in my heart and visually Rock !

What is your artistic background?
I wanted to be a car designer and I was shifted to advertising and web design. Self-taught,
I validated my license and master to be a web designer by day, and graphic designer for the rest.

Can you describe your artistic style?
I 'm a fan of Dalí and his madness, and Vinci and his creativity ... Since I was a kid I soiled myself
with paint , glue and graphite, trying to replicate the styles I discover . In a word, I am " Dark"
but sometimes with many colors .

What are your inspirations / references?
I'm a kid (yes still ) who grew up with X -Men , Disney and Tex Avery universe, superheroes and
video games . I love wandering along museums and admire the creative advance that some artists
had in the past. You take all of this, and you get my inspiration.

Do you have some future projects?
Many ideas but little time ( not easy to be a web designer and graphic designer at the same time )
I'd like to use my " Splatters paint" on canvas, evolve in my style, and why not,
doing collaborations with other artists..

A word for Wall Editons?

I'll be another brick in your wall ...




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