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  • Art-Poster - Drive - Yuri Shwedoff Art-Poster - Drive - Yuri Shwedoff

    Art-Poster - Drive - Yuri Shwedoff


    Art Description: Here is an original representation of Drive, for all fans of this film, with deep psychology. Yuri Shwedoff illustrates one of the most moving scenes, with Ryan Gosling inthe role of The Pilot and this child, in a realistic painting style ...

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  • Art-Poster - True Detective - Yuri Shwedoff Art-Poster - True Detective - Yuri Shwedoff

    Art-Poster - True Detective - Yuri Shwedoff

    W14013 -M

    Art Description: Yuri Shwedoff loves illustrate movie posters, like this one representing famous tv series True Detective. A digital art, beautifully disguised in watercolor style...

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  • Art-Poster - Audrey - Yuri Shwedoff Art-Poster - Audrey - Yuri Shwedoff

    Art-Poster - Audrey - Yuri Shwedoff

    W14012 -M

    Art Description: Here is a portrait of beautiful Audrey Hepburn, in a different universe than usually outlined. Yuri Shwedoff favores a fragile and intimate representation, rather than drawing a umpteenth version of vintage icon...

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  • Art-Poster - Tyrion - Yuri Shwedoff Art-Poster - Tyrion - Yuri Shwedoff

    Art-Poster - Tyrion - Yuri Shwedoff


    Art Description: Yuri Shwedoff provides an epic and majestic portrait of famous little Lannister. Illusion of old time painting is totally impressive: Tyrion seems to be a real historical figure !

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