Wall Editions is a french publishing house specialized in publication of Art-Posters.

We make out a precise selection of artists, meant to develop a coherent editorial line , imbued with contemporary Pop-Art and strong graphic compostions. Our approach is to offer access to Art posters to the largest audience  by selling Art posters at affordable prices, while being high quality !  

Three formats are available: 30 x 40 cm size, B2 size (50 x 70 cm) and B1 (70 x 100 cm). Three classic formats, suitable for standard frames!

IN SUMMARY, Wall Editions concept is:

- A publishing house specialized in Art posters edition
- A precise selection of contemporary illustrations
- Affordable prices
- A classic single format

Art Posters from only 16€ !

Our ambition is to put forward Art-Posters at affordable rates .

Art-Poster Format 30 x 40 cm : 16€
Art-Poster Format 50 x 70 cm : 26€
Art-Poster Format 70 x 100 cm : 48€
And from 3 art-posters, get free shipping (available to Europa and U.E)

Three Standard Formats !

Standard, international and classic, these formats offer no problem to find frames in all specialized shops !

High quality Prints

Our Art-posters are printed on mate paper coated 200gr. High Definition and high precision ! We collaborate with Professional printhouses in France and European Union, to offer high quality prints, for affordable prices.



We canvass and contact ourselves artists who interest us. But if you wish to submit your work , we invite you to contact us!
We'll be happy to discover your work, and maybe offer you a publishing partnership!
We don't require any exclusivity,the artists stay the owner of their creations.


Contact us: [email protected]


You have a shop? You want to sell our Art-Posters? Or just want to buy it in quantity?
We propose affordable wholesale prices!

If you're interested,contact us : [email protected]