Robert Farkas


Can you present yourself in a few words?
Being creative and making stuff is making me happy.

What is your artistic background?
Basically I'm drawing and painting all my life. I taught myself to oil-paint. I'm educated for Graphic Designer at the Media
College in Amsterdam. I worked as a Graphic Designer and Art Director for 15 years in the advertising industry.

Can you describe your artistic style?
Some call it flat design. But I think that' s not enough.  I always try to get a good angle, perspective that sucks you in,
bringing a lot of detail and coloring is the most challenging thing.  So it's not only flat because it's made in
Adobe Illustrator, I realy try to add something special.  There have to be some magic.

What are your inspirations, references?
Buildings, people, spaces, old advertising ads. Painters like Edward Hopper, architects like Frank Lloyd Wright.
And most important: young artists on and There's a lot of talent out there.

Do you have some future projects?
I have a lot of assignments right now. I still love commercial work.  There is a new series of New York illustrations
coming up. And I'm experimenting with portrait illustration.
I love to draw people too so I'm trying to add this in my new work.)

A word for Wall Editions?

I'm very exited to show my work at Wall Editions.  Feeling Honored!